$175,000 Premises liability settlement. Small fire in a Bal Harbor shop activated the fire alarm sprinkler system, which in turn soak a wall and caused a security television to fall on our client who was helping clean up. In response to written discovery, the defendant denied the existence of a videotape of the accident. However, while questioned under oath, the store manager admitted that he saw the videotape. The the video was produced and it showed the accident happening just as it was described by our client. The case resolved shortly thereafter for a premium number. All of our client's medical bills were paid by workers' compensation.

$29,000 Overtime wages (FLSA) settlement. Employer claimed our client was an exempt manager. Although she had the title, her job duties were no different than those of the hourly employees. This became readily apparent after a series of depositions were taken in one day.

$330,000 Jones Act mediated settlement. Our client was a vessel cook. During rough seas, a pot of boiling oil spilled over, causing our client to fall backwards and break his wrist.

$40,000 WC settlement. Torn rotator cuff. Carrier also paid for surgery, physical therapy, and lost wages during the recovery.

$220,000 Workers' compensation washout settlement. Our client was a professional underwater diver. While filming a movie off the Florida coast, his body temperature fell dangerously low from staying in the water for too long. This caused him to develop chronic fatigue syndrome. He was fortunate to come under the care of Dr. Nancy Klimas, one of the foremost world authorities on neuro immune medicine. 

$80,000 Negligent hiring settlement. Our client was slugged in the head by the employee of a thrift store who was delivering furniture to his home. Our discovery disclosed that the employee's nickname was "Little Mike," as in former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson, and that he had been arrested for fleeing from a police officer. While tough guys should be allowed to work, they need to be tightly supervised.

$500,700 Workers' compensation washout settlement. Jacksonville, Florida accident involving fall from a light pole. Client received another $500,000 in workers' compensation benefits on top of the washout.

$52,000 Combination workers' compensation/overtime wages/unpaid wages settlement.

$70,000 Workers' compensation settlement. Client received nearly $50,000 in benefits before the case was settled.

$75,000 Federal civil rights trial verdict. A City of Miami Police officer used the N word against our client. The officer resigned from the force.