$115,000 Premises liability settlement. Lawnmower jammed on tree stump causing it to lift in back while client's foot slipped underneath. Big toe amputation. Citizens Property Insurance's adjuster was positively influenced by our office's immediate inspection of the property and photographs, setting his mind early to believing his insured was at fault. In truth, liability was thin. We negotiated numerous medical bills for our client to increase his net.

$145,000 Premises liability settlement. While working as a security guard at a South Miami hospital, a steel gate became dislodged from its track and fell on our client while he was trying to slide it shut, snapping his ankle. The entire accident was captured on videotape. His medical bills were paid by workers' compensation.

$12,500 BI settlement. We also represented this gentleman's daughter in another case.

$50,000 Rear end vehicle crash settlement. There were numerous claimants, but limited insurance coverage. Our client received the most money. All of the claims were mediated on the same day.

$500,000 Mediated medical malpractice minor's settlement.
Shoulder dystocia.

$87,000 Workers' compensation settlement. This was the culmination of a case that we won at trial nearly ten years earlier. Our client had received workers' compensation benefits since the victory, but then decided to close the case.

$25,000 Auto crash BI policy limits settlement.

$50,000 Sports arena settlement. During a break in the action, cheerleaders launched T-shirts into the crowd. Our client was knocked onto the chair in the row in front of him by someone reaching for a shirt. He sustained a broken rib.