$90,000 Personal injury settlement/$10,000 Workers' compensation washout. Same accident. We tried to overcome workers' compensation immunity (Florida Statute 440.11). Our client, a construction worker, was struck by a piece of heavy equipment being operated by gentleman was was drunk. The accident happened right after the lunch break. The employer knew that the operator  consumed alcohol at lunch every day. We settled during a conference attended by representatives from the liability and workers' compensation insurance carriers. Our client's medical bills were paid in full by the wc carrier. 

$180,000 WC washout settlement.
Our client, a corrections officer, was injured while trying to break up a fight between prisoners in a South Florida facility. We saved this case from a statute of limitations defense by finding a single medical record in a stack of records. Our client also received DROP benefits.

$17,000 for husband and wife involved in car accident.

$60,000 WC washout.

$26,000 Workers' compensation settlement. We overcame a 0% impairment rating given by one of our client's workers' compensation doctors. We also reduced a $50,000 medical lien to $5,000.

$50,000 BI settlement.
The case was complicated by our client moving to two other cities.

$20,000 WC washout. We forced the e/c to an emergency hearing under F.S. 440.25(4)(f). Until then it had denied the claim. At the hearing it did not have any competent and substantial evidence to support its denial.

$25,000 Workers' compensation washout and $26,000 personal injury settlement from the same accident.

$45,000 Motor vehicle accident settlement. We have represented this client for many years in many types of cases. He sends all of his friends and family members to us. We reciprocate his thoughtfulness by providing a substantial amount of work Pro-Bono.

$45,000 WC washout plus additional $53,000 in medical and indemnity benefits.

$25,000 Uninsured motorist recovery.

$60,375 WC washout settlement. Our client worked for an airline. He hated to give up his flight privileges.

$16,000 Longshore & Harbor Workers Compensation Act settlement. Our client was the captain of a luxury yacht.

$20,000 Workers' compensation settlement. Our client fell while constructing a stage at the Fontainbleu Hotel on Miami Beach for a Victoria's Secret fashion show.