$85,000 Motorcycle crash settlement. We sued the general contractor of a road construction project for creating and failing to warn of a dangerous condition. Our client fractured his clavicle when his bike went down after going from paved road to road under construction without warning. His group health insurance paid most, but not all of the medical bills, so we negotiated with the carrier to reduce the ERISA lien and with the medical providers to reduce their bills.

$30,000 Premises liability settlement. Quick investigation of the premises proved a water leak from an old freezer caused our client to slip and fall.

$20,000 Cruise ship passenger settlement. Our client burned the soles of his feet on the deck of a cruise ship. The defendant would only consider settlement after a lawsuit was filed.

$35,000 Workers' compensation settlement. Our client was struck in the forearm by a power saw while cutting a wood dock piling. While the wound was deep, through the skill of a superb emergency room surgeon he made a remarkable recovery. Our client was anxious to return to his family in Mexico.

$75,000 Mediated workers' compensation settlement. This was a forklift accident. We considered bringing a products liability cases, but were stymied before getting off the ground by the Statute of Repose once learning that the  forklift had been purchased more than 12 years before the accident. While the workers' compensation settlement was reasonable, we were disappointed by not being able to bring a liability claim.

$31,250 Mediated workers' compensation washout. We represented this nice woman, a registered nurse, in three different cases.

$60,000 Personal injury settlement. Our client, a baseball player for Barry University, was injured when he fell from the open cab of a friend's truck. His most serious injuries were road burns. We recovered money from three different insurance companies.

$25,000 BI settlement.
$30,000 BI settlement.

$100,000 Car crash settlement. Our client was a back seat passenger in his friend's vehicle, when another vehicle turned without warning into their path. We also represented the driver, who recovered $30,000, and another passenger.

$47,500 Premises liability settlement.
A hard fought case which settled after mediation. Our client tripped on the corner of a treadmill in a thrift store. We were able to secure helpful video footage.