$63,000 Workers' compensation settlement. We claimed that our client, a hospital nurse, developed asthma from inhaling hospital disinfectant. We investigated but decided not to pursue a product liablity case.

$175,000 Workers' compensation settlement. Long-term employee of a big company. He was able to retire with a sizable pension and qualified for Social Security Disability (SSD).

$15,000 Premises liability settlement against large grocery store. Water on floor following heavy rain caused our client to slip and fall. We showed that the water came from a roof leak.

$35,000 Auto crash settlement. The defendant denied the claim until being served with a Complaint, settled days later.

$23,000 WC Ormond Beach mediated settlement. At mediation the employer/carrier decided that it had overpaid the claimant more than $18,000 in indemnity benefits. This made the mediation difficult, but through the excellent work of adjuster Frank Johnson, we got the case closed.

$20,000 Workers' compensation washout.

$39,000 WC washout settlement on top of $91,000 in medical and lost wage benefits.