$170,000 Premises liability settlement. Our client, a sweet woman in her 80s, was struck a glancing blow by a ceiling-mounted security camera knocked free by a pole attached to a shopping cart owned by the grocery store in which she was shopping. There was some indication that the trauma caused some cognitive deficits, but attribution to the accident vs. old age was impossible.  We negotiated her medical bills. 

$125,000 WC washout plus waiver of $194,000 lien. Orlando accident between two theme park buses. Our client was the driver of one of the buses. We've also brought a liability suit on behalf of our client against the owner and the operator of the other bus. It's an especially interesting case, bringing into play novel human factors issues, because our client was driving the trailing bus which crashed into the rear of a bus which was stopped in a through lane of the highway for no apparent reason. The liability case is set for calendar call on June 17, 2013.

$50,000 Workers' compensation settlement. A difficult case because of our client's documented history of 7 prior claims, two of which we handled. We agreed to handle this claim because his injuries were distinguishable from those suffered in the other accidents. 

$190,000 Wrongful Death settlement against two governmental entities. This was a tragic case involving the death of a wife and mother of two young children who drowned when the car in which she was a passenger plunged into a South Florida canal. We discovered that similar accidents had occurred at the same road curve and that the guardrail installed by one of the government entities to prevent just such accidents was nearly 15' too short to serve its intended purpose. After a long battle, we settled for slightly less than the $100,000/$200,000 sovereign immunity caps in place for this date of accident. (Since the accident, the Florida Legislature increased the caps to $200,000/$300,000.) As a result of our lawsuit, one of the defendants lengthened the guardrail to prevent further tragedies.

$75,000 Premises liability settlement. Client slipped on a steep ramp at a South Miami car dealership. The defendant pointed to a railing near the fall in its defense. We countered that the ramp was regularly used by patrons. Med Pay and health insurance covered the medical bills. We negotiated the health insurance lien way down and got the defendant to waive the med pain lien. 

$30,000 Vehicle crash settlement. Our client, an elderly mute and blind woman, was being transported to her home in a medical clinic vehicle after a session of physical therapy when it struck the rear of a stopped vehicle. Minor property damage. Given our client's infirmities, it was hard to reconstruct the facts, but the adjuster was sympathetic and made a fair offer. Our client's nephew accompanied his aunt to all appointments with us and was very helpful.

$14,900 WC washout. Carrier also paid thousands in medical and indemnity payments before the settlement.

$11,000 Trip & Fall settlement with government agency. While walking her dog in the morning, our client tripped on the corner of a mat installed by a Florida county which has come free from its mooring. We alleged negligent installation and failure to inspect and correct. All things being equal, cases against the government are usually more difficult than those against private individuals and entities.

$7,500 Bicycle accident settlement against a police department.

$22,000 FLSA (Overtime Wages) settlement. Our client continued to work for the same employer after the settlement. We also secured an additional $10,000 workers' compensation settlement for injuries sustained with the same employer.

$38,000 Controverted wc settlement. Our client worked in building maintenance. One of his responsibilities was to put heavy dumpsters in a position to be picked up by the garbage company. The wheels on the dumpsters were defective, so the strain of moving the dumpsters was tremendous. Out theory was that his herniated lumbar discs came from this repetitive strain. A private conference with a doctor selected by the insurance company made the difference when he later testified in deposition that our theory was legitimate.

$110,000 Car crash settlement. Our client was a sleeping passenger in her boyfriend's car in this highway crash. Disputed liability.