$619,000 Jones Act settlement. Our client, a seaman, injured his back while engaging in a deep water equipment rescue operation onboard a research vessel in the Gulf of Mexico. In addition to the lump sum settlement, he received maintenance and cure benefits totaling more than $200,000. We were able to guide him to a skilled neurosurgeon who performed successful back surgery.

$60,000 WC settlement on controverted basis. Our theory for the cause of our client's injuries was repetitive trauma. Including this gentleman, we have represented a number of individuals who worked for the same company and did the same work for 20+ years. Each of them had similar body breakdown issues.

$32,500+ Workers' compensated mediated settlement. Following successful knee surgery, we negotiated this fair settlement for our client, who operated a garbage truck and loaded/unloaded dumpsters. He was ready to switch jobs.

$10,000 BI auto policy limits settlement. Intersection accident with conflicting accounts of what happened. The other vehicle's insurance adjuster agreed with our account after we produced a written eyewitness statement.

$50,000 WC washout settlement plus assignment of the wc lien. In mid-2013 we settled the liability case arising out of the same accident. The assigned lien helped us resolve the liability case.

$35,000 Workers' compensation settlement. Although injured in Ft. Lauderdale, our client had relocated to London, England by the time he found us on the Internet. He appeared by speaker phone for his state mediation, which laid the groundwork for the settlement a week later.

$10,000 BI policy limits settlement from Kingsway Amigo Ins. Co.

$15,000 Workers' compensation settlement. Two employers and one insurance company denied the claim. We used these denials to file a civil suit against them, seeking to overcome workers' compensation immunity, but a subsequent DCA case killed our theory, putting us back into the workers' compensation system. The two employers/one carrier eventually agreed to the settlement.

$20,000 WC settlement after nearly two years of treatment with unauthorized doctors. This client came to us one month before the statute of limitation was about to expire. We quickly filed a Petition for Benefits. All medical bills were paid by the employer-funded health insurance. At mediation we got the employer to waive lien rights and cover all co-payments. 

$20,000 WC washout settlement. E/C also paid for knee surgery and lost wages.