$247,000 workers' compensation settlement.
Involved a 1992 date of accident. In 1992 we litigated and won on the issue of compensability. Our client received in excess of $800,000 over the years before deciding to settle. 1/2 day mediation.

$1.15 million motorcycle accident settlement.

$120,000 workers' compensation settlement at state mediation. Table saw accident/injury. The employer is a government entity. Our client also qualified for state of Florid disability retirement benefits.

$10,000 bodily injury car crash settlement. Also seeking UM money of $100,000.

$24,900 workers' compensation mediation. Fractured calcaneous bone.

$18,000 car crash settlement. $25,000/$50,000 bodily injury policy, three people injured. Geico arranged a global settlement conference for the injured people and their attorneys, left it to the parties to work out a split of the $50,000. The split: $18,000/$18,000/$14,000. A local hospital failed to bill health insurance, is trying to recover more from our client. We are pushing back, arguing that the hospital was required by contract to bill the insurance carrier.

$34,000 car crash settlement. Settled post-mediation shortly before trial. Fault and injuries at issue. Defendant saying positive shoulder MRI findings were preexisting based on the plaintiff's age (67).

$17,500 state mediation workers' compensation settlement. Our client broke her wrist falling down a flight of steps. While she complained of knee pain in the hospital, hospital staff and subsequent medical providers focused on the wrist injury to the exclusion of the knee complaints. We were hired after our client was placed at maximum medical improvement for her wrist injury without further complaints. However, she continued to complaint of knee pain. Accordingly, we filed a Petition for Benefits seeking medical care for the knee.

$25,000 mediated workers' compensation settlement. The carrier also agreed to pay the medical expenses of unauthorized providers.

$20,000 workers' compensation mediated settlement (2 accidents). Two accidents, including one founded on the Festa theory of repetitive trauma, settled at one mediation.

$3,000 workers' compensation settlement. Waiter slipped and twisted his back. No medical care. 

$90,000 nursing home settlement. 

$40,000 state mediated workers' compensation settlement. Nearly three years after the accident. The injured workers' entitlement to indemnity benefits had exhausted 104 weeks after the accident.

$9,000 workers' compensation settlement. Construction site accident. Employer insisted light duty work was available. When our client failed to accept the purported offer, the Employer/Carrier refused to pay lost wage benefits. Employer also agreed to pay emergency room medical bills.

$10,000 car crash settlement. Our client did not have PIP. Because the accident happened in Florida's 5th District Court of Appeals, the bodily injury insurance carrier was not entitled to a PIP offset. See Stephens v. Renard , 487 So.2d 1079 (Fla. 5th DCA 1986) and Erie v. Bushy , 394 So.2d 228 (Fla. 5th DCA 1981).

$25,000 car crash settlement. PIP denied benefits based on our client's failure to attend PIP IMEs and EUOs. (We got the case after he missed these events.) Hence, none of his medical bills were paid. The bodily injury carrier offered $4,000, arguing that our client, rather than it, was responsible for his own unpaid medical expenses due to his failure to attend the PIP events. In the carrier's view, the bills were "payable." We disagreed, arguing that the bills were its responsibility, and provided legal support for our position. After seeking its own legal counsel on the subject, the carrier tendered the policy limits.

$27,500 state mediation workers' compensation settlement. Our third mediation in this case. We resolved issues in the first mediation including obtaining an increase in our client's AWW and authorization of knee surgery. By the time of the third mediation, our client had reached maximum medical improvement (Section 440.02(1) Florida Statutes) and been released by the surgeon with a 0% permanent impairment rating. Based on the Florida Impairment Guide , 0% was wrong. Moreover, our client continued to experience knee pain and stiffness. Accordingly, we filed a Petition for Benefits seeking benefits based on an impairment rating of greater than 0% and, alternatively, TTD and/or TPD. At mediation we argued that our client might require more knee surgeries in the future.

$17,500 motor vehicle crash case settlement. Here, again (see case above), we used PIP's refusal to pay some medical bills to our advantage in the bodily injury case. Because of a PIP IME which said further medical care was not necessary, the PIP carrier rejected later incurred medical bills. In our BI demand letter we cited case law and Florida Standard Jury Instruction 501.8c for the proposition that the BI carrier was responsible for the denied bills. The BI carrier agreed, and was apparently impressed with our legal analysis -- this type of case would normally settle for less than $17,500.

$12,500 car crash settlement. We represented both the passenger and driver in this accident. The passenger settled two years ago for a smaller amount. The driver chose to continue receiving medical care before trying to settle. The additional medical bills and opinions increased the value of his case.

$20,000 policy limits car crash settlement. We represented a mother and her three minor children.

$25,000 mediated workers' compensation settlement. This was the third mediation in the case. Issues were resolved at the first mediation. Nothing was accomplished at the second mediation. The case was settled in its entirety in the third mediation.

$9,400 car crash settlement against State Farm. Client informed his treating doctor that he was pain-free. Accordingly, doctor unable to give a permanent impairment rating. We provided the carrier with an MRI CD to make its own evaluation.

$3,800 car crash settlement. Our client was the back seat passenger in a vehicle which struck the rear of another vehicle. Minor property damage and personal injuries.

$49,000 medical malpractice settlement. The piece of a needle broke off in our client's back while undergoing an injection for pain relief. A general surgeon was unable to remove it. The first thing we did upon being hired was to arrange for our client to be seen by a neurosurgeon. The neurosurgeon was able to remove the needle in a surgical procedure in the hospital.

$22,850 mediated workers' compensation settlement. Our client had quit his job 11 years before hiring us. We figured out how to keep ourselves in the game by coming up with a theory to deal with the 2 year workers' compensation statute of limitation.

$5,000 workers' compensation settlement.

$50,000 medical malpractice settlement. We represented the estate of an elderly woman who was resuscitated against a written do not resuscitate order. She died four days later.

$180,000 podiatric malpractice settlement. The defendant hospital's Motion for Summary Judgment was denied on Wednesday, trial was set for the following Monday. The case settled at mediation on the Friday before trial.

$80,000 products liability. An infant allegedly suffocated because of the defective design of a foam mattress. The case had difficult, almost insurmountable proof issues for the plaintiff mother. A sad case.

$25,500 workers' compensation settlement. Involved a police officer who sustained a ruptured achilles tendon while performing off-duty security. Because of the complexity of the facts and the law, we filed a workers' compensation Petition for Benefits against three entities, including the city for which the officer worked and the off-duty business establishment. We settled shortly before trial.

$10,000 car crash settlement. This was a relatively good result against one of the big, conservative, and tough national car insurance companies for a minor accident. Most of these cases against the same carrier settle for less than half this amount. We developed a friendly, cooperative relationship with the bodily injury adjuster.

$135,000 workers' compensation settlement. Our client was struck by a hand operated fork lift.

$5,000 personal injury settlement against a major retailer. The a pole attached to the store's shopping cart struck an overhead display, causing merchandise to fall on our client. A preexisting neck condition was aggravated. We received a sizable workers' compensation settlement for this man in 2014.

$22,500 workers' compensation settlement. Tallahassee client. Broken wrist.

$9,000 vehicle crash case.

$10,000 workers' compensation settlement. Our elderly client was involved in a physical alteration with a younger co-worker. He sustained minor injuries. Both employees were fired. The Employer/Carrier denied the claim based on the fight defense. We argued convincingly that our client was not the aggressor. The E/C decided to settle rather than take it to court.

$10,000 workers' compensation settlement. We fought hard but could not come up with any documentary proof that our client worked the day he claimed to have hurt his back.

$11,595 workers' compensation settlement. We relied on a single emergency room medical entry dated nearly two years before we were hired, to prove the accident happened. This is the only medical care our client received in the case.

$6,250 workers' compensation settlement. Our client refused a bigger offer six months before. When he finally decided to settle, the E/C would not match its previous offer.

$10,000 car crash settlement. Minor accident involving mother and her two young children. Neither child received received follow up medical care after their initial date of accident examinations. The mother treated with a clinic.

$47,500 workers' compensation settlement. Our client was 83 years old. The E/C produced records showing extensive preexisting back problems.

$25,000 workers' compensation settlement. Another employee of a prominent South Florida employer who developed knee conditions from repetitive heavy work. Our firm has represented ten other employees of this company who developed similar problems the same way. We've pursued each case under the theory of repetitive trauma recognized in workers' compensation cases.

$10,000 workers' compensation settlement. Our client injured his back in a ladder accident.

$89,500 workers' compensation settlement.

$35,000 car crash settlement. We did a blog about this case. This was our client's third car accident in a six month period. By comparing medical records from the other accidents, we were able to prove our client sustained a new injury in this accident.