$55,000 for dog bite. Our client was attacked by a neighbor's large dog while standing in her own front yard. She sustained permanent scarring on one of her shoulders. Because of Florida Statute 767.04, liability was not contested.

$18,000 for car crash. The settlement money came from a combination of bodily injury insurance and underinsured motorist insurance.

$55,000 workers' compensation private mediation settlement. Our young client injured his back lifting car batteries. Rather than report his injury to its workers' compensation insurance company, the company's boss sent our client to his personal chiropractor. This chiropractor performed adjustments on our client's back for over a period of two months. Unfortunately, these adjustments may have aggravated rather than helped our client's condition, because he woke up one morning with double incontinence and numbness in one leg. He was rushed into emergency back surgery. Thankfully, he may a nice recovery. We investigated a medical malpractice case against the chiropractor, but, for a number of reasons, decided not to proceed. 

$10,000 workers' compensation State Mediation settlement. This case involved a series of minor injuries over the course of many years, some of which fell outside of the statute of limitations. The employer and employee were prepared to part ways.

$66,115 for a Jacksonville car crash. Our client failed to maintain PIP insurance. However, since the accident happened in Jacksonville, Florida, which falls under the jurisdiction of the 5th District Court of Appeal, the bodily injury carrier did not get the benefit of a set-off for the amount PIP would otherwise have paid if coverage had been maintained. Our authority was Stephens v. Renard, 487 So.2d 1079 (Fla. 5th DCA 1986). CAVEAT: The other Florida district courts do not follow Stephens. Instead, the offset is taken. 

$25,000+ workers' compensation lump sum payment. In addition to settling for $25,000, the carrier agreed to satisfy a $58,000 hospital bill and various and sundry other medical expenses. Before settling, the claimant had also received more than $25,000 in benefits.

$25,000 car crash settlement. Based on a technicality, the PIP carrier refused to pay the main medical provider. We used this to our advantage by applying Rollins v. Pizzarrelli, 762 So.2d 294 (Fla. 2009) and Florida Standard Jury Instruction 501.8c.

$24,750 workers' compensation lump sum recovery.  

$25,000 workers' compensation recovery against a local city.

$18,000 personal injury pedestrian accident settlement. Our client was struck by a car a half hour before dawn while walking across the road on his way to work. He was released from the hospital the same day. His hospital blood work tested positive for alcohol. Our client's fiancée was 10 feet ahead of him as they were crossing. She noticed the approaching vehicle first and yelled a warning to our client, but it was too late. We argued that the vehicle's headlights were not on. Since our client did not own a vehicle, the driver's PIP insurance paid some of the medical bills. We were able to get the medical providers to reduce their bills to enable the settlement. Having the fiancée's eyewitness testimony was critical.

$12,000 workers' compensation recovery. Our firm was hired four years after the first complaints of pain. The employer/carrier argued that the first complaints of pain represented the accident date, which would have barred further action because of the workers' compensation two year statute of limitation. We kept ourselves in the game by asserting that the injury was caused by repetitive trauma, making the last day of work the accident date, which fell within the two year SOL.

$12,500 state mediation workers' compensation settlement. We proceeded on the theory of repetitive trauma.

$6,000 workers' compensation settlement. Contested on compensability, complicated by contradictory statements in hospital records.

$8,000 recovery for a grocery store slip & fall. Even though the adjuster said the store video surveillance contradicted our client's description of the account, our persistence paid off.

$9,000 car crash settlement. Our client's sister received a $20,000 settlement for the same crash, but she underwent invasive epidural injections while our client did not.

$10,000 workers' compensation settlement. Client caused a Jacksonville, Florida rear-end car crash. We could have gotten her more, but she was anxious to settle.

$13,000 vehicle crash settlement. Our client turned in front of an oncoming motor vehicle. Normally, this spells disaster for a case. However, an independent eyewitness stepped forward to say that the oncoming vehicle was speeding. This nice gentleman, the manager of a Miami Beach hotel, confirmed his opinion by email, which was shown to the liability adjuster. This made the difference in the case. We were also able overcome the lack of an accident report. Oddly, while law enforcement arrived on the scene, a report was not prepared.

$10,000 policy limits car crash settlement.

$13,500 mediated workers' compensation settlement. The claimant had numerous prior accident involving similar injury complaints and the employer/carrier was prepared to mount a strong Martin v. Carpenter defense based on misrepresentations in the job application.

$230,000+ workers' compensation settlement. We were contacted by the Claimant after his case was settled by another law firm at mediation. He was uncomfortable with how the case had been handled and wanted to know if he could or should back out. We reviewed documents and communicated with his lawyer and the insurance company's lawyer. We concluded that his mediated settlement was fair and that he should finalize it. He took our advise. Our reward was to be thanked by the Claimant and both lawyers. This uncomfortable situation could have been avoided through better Attorney Client communication.

Global mediation car crash settlement. At-fault party's insurance company divided policy limits among multiple claimants. Cases with multiple moderately, rather than severely, injured plaintiffs and limited policy limits, sometimes settle for more per person than lone plaintiff cases involving similar injuries.

$35,000 mediated workers' compensation settlement. Back injury case complicated by preexisting condition.

$2,500 zero vehicle damage settlement.

$3,000 vehicle crash settlement. Just a few months before, we settled another, more serious vehicle crash case for this gentleman for significantly more.

$40,000 workers' compensation settlement. Our client was a retired school teacher with an ongoing workers' compensation case when he hired our firm.

$10,000 car accident settlement. We also settled for additional money from our client's underinsured motorist (UIM) carrier.

$45,000 workers' compensation settlement. Our client underwent shoulder surgery and received nearly two years of workers' compensation indemnity benefits before the case was settled.

$12,000 settlement for falling plastic street light shield. The plastic shield struck the top of our client's head. He was examined in a hospital emergency room that evening, then had a few follow up appointments with a doctor we recommended. Thankfully, minor injuries. We negotiated a reduction in the medical bills so that our client was able to walk away with a satisfactory sum.

$12,500 workers' compensation settlement. This was on top of settlements with an-fault driver's bodily injury carrier and our client's own underinsured motorist (UIM) carrier. We were able to eliminate the workers' compensation lien.

$3,000 underinsured motorist (UIM) settlement.

$5,000 Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) settlement.

$8,000 and $3,500 car crash settlement. Multi-car crash, two different defendants. The accident happened in Naples, Florida.

$10,000 car crash settlement. The client's PIP insurance company voided the policy after crash, claiming misrepresentation. We reached a negotiated settlement of the outstanding medical bills with the provider, so that our client could pocket some money from the settlement.

$90,000 workers' compensation settlement. A 2013 accident, the insurance company paid out more than $140,000 in benefits before the settlement.

$16,402 workers' compensation settlement. We litigated this case successfully in 2014. However, because of Florida Statute 440.34, the employer/carrier would only offer $2,500 to settle the case. On April 28, 2016, the Florida Supreme Court issued a ruling in Castellanos v. Next Door Company, et al., finding 440.34 unconstitutional. As a result, the employer/carrier exposure increased. We were quickly able to settle the case for a fair amount.

$42,500 indemnity-only mediated workers' compensation settlement. Another case positively impacted by Castellanos v. Next Door Company, et al. It is highly unusual to leave the medical open in a workers' compensation settlement. In fact, this is the first one we've done in many years. Because of Castellanos, the employer/carrier were highly motivated to resolve any part of the case they could. In the near future, we expect to settle the medical part of the case for additional money.

$10,000 workers' compensation settlement. Same client as the $90,000 settlement, different accident.

$30,000 premises liability settlement. This is a post-trial settlement with one of multiple defendants. Through the legal principle of non-delegable duty, two of the defendants are liable for the negligence of the other. We are attempting to resolve the case against one of those defendants.