Workers' Compensation settlement. A former client asked us to represent him for an accident that happened in 2015. He was struck in the head by the rear door of an SUV. He did not miss any time from work, but did receive a limited amount of medical care from a workers' compensation clinic. He was fired six months later for an unrelated matter. We were successful in creating a dispute over entitlement to benefits and raising the specter of a section 440.205, Florida Statutes wrongful termination, factors which motivated the employer/carrier to offer a reasonable settlement.

Multi-victim motor vehicle crash settlement. We represented the driver and both passengers in one of the vehicles. We had to make sure that the driver was not at-fault, otherwise it would have been a conflict for us to represent both the driver and passengers, as the passengers would have been able to make a claim against the driver. The individuals also agreed in writing to allow us to represent the three of them. The tortfeasor's (at-fault party) insurance company eventually tendered its policy limits.

$50,000 workers' compensation settlement. Our client, a long-haul trucker, was injured in another state, but Florida's workers' compensation laws applied. We represented this gentleman for nearly a year before the case was settled, making sure he received all needed medical and indemnity benefits to eventually be able to return to work.

$205,000 car crash settlement. A relatively low impact parking lot accident involving two vehicles. Our client called her family doctor on the day of the accident complaining of neck pain. She was instructed to seek care at the hospital that day, which she did. She then followed up with various experts including a board certified orthopedist. We made a chart from our client's before and after [accident] medical records to demonstrate the connection between the accident and her present complaints.

$8,300 workers' compensation mediated settlement. We also recovered back benefits by getting the employer/carrier to increase his average weekly wage (AWW) based on concurrent earnings, and we negotiated a modification of his car loan so that he could recover his car after it was repossessed.

Multi-victim policy limits car crash settlement. We represented one of the drivers and her passenger in this two car intersection crash. We negotiated a reduction of each clients health insurance lien.

Back benefits and attorney's fees paid in workers' compensation case. The case remains open. The claimant sustained a nasty finger laceration. He was taken to the hospital by his brother and incurred a hefty medical bill for cleaning and stitches. He was unable to return to work. The employer failed to report the accident to its workers' compensation insurance company and pay lost wages and medical bills (the claimant received care at the hospital two more times). We informed the insurance carrier and made it pay the hospital bills, lost wages, and attorney's fees and costs.