Other Results

$13,000,000 Present value. We prevailed at trial on this controverted workers' compensation case. Our client, a school clerk, had preexisting multiple sclerosis. It was being treated and was relatively under control. She broke her leg at work. Her multiple sclerosis flamed out of control. We blamed the aggravation on the accident. The employer/carrier vigorously denied that trauma could aggravate MS. Our client's treating doctor, William Sheramata, M.D., one of the foremost experts in the world, disagreed with the e/c. He testified live before the Judge of Compensation Claims (JCC). His testimony was supported by our client's work attendance records, which showed very few absences in the years before the accident in contrast with a complete inability to return to work following the accident.

Proved at trial that our client, a hospital phlebotomist, became infected with the HIV virus when blood being drawn from patients dripped onto tiny cuticle cuts and abrasions. Jeff Gale flew to Quebec, Canada for a five minute face-to-face with a key fact witness. The witness' testimony proved to be the turning point in the case. Sadly, our client, a nice gentleman, ending up passing away from the virus.

Obtained favorable ruling from a judge that our client, a lab technician, became infected with Hepatitis C through exposure to tainted blood. The case was complicated by evidence that our client had received a blood transfusion years before. The defense tried to blame her infection on the transfusion.

Successful prosecution of workers' compensation case by establishing the development of a disabling cervical condition from working at a drafting table with for hours a day. The gentleman was declared permanently and totally disabled and continues to received PTD indemnity and medical benefits.